Commission on a Way Forward

updated 2019-02-27
What did and what didn’t happen at the conference


updated 2019-02-23
The Called Special Session is underway:

Special Session Live Stream


updated 2019-02-19
Pastor Taylor’s class notes for the Special Conference

The Future is Important


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Pastor Taylor’s sermon on February 17th:



updated 2019-02-04
Just what is a General Conference Special Session? The United Methodist constitution allows for special sessions in the interim of General Conferences to address issues of particular interest to the Church, and it is a rare occurrence. In fact, the February 2019 Special Session will be only the 2nd Special Session in the 50 year history of the United Methodist Church. For a more detailed look at a Special Session, please see the below article:

General Conference Special Session


A Special Session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church will be held February 23rd to 26th in St Louis, Missouri to receive and act upon a report from the Commission on a Way Forward based upon the recommendations of the Council of Bishops.

The results of this Special Session could be far reaching for the entirety of the United Methodist denomination. Cokesbury UMC leadership will provide updates as the Session approaches and once it concludes to help discern its full impact on each of us.

As with any issue of consequence, indeed as with everything we do, we must remember to move forward, act, and react with Christ in our heart, and pray that God grants us the faith, conviction, and courage to go where He is leading us.

As an introduction, please see the below article:

The Commission on a Way Forward report: What you should know