Prince William County Public Schools

Crisis Management Plans
Each school is required to have a crisis management plan that will be reviewed and updated each summer.  The schools’ updates will be reviewed by the Risk Management and Security department of PWC Schools after July 15th.  After the incident at Bull Run Middle School on June 18, 2004, it is a reasonable assumption that the schools’ policies will be very carefully reviewed and perhaps changed.  Undoubtedly, some policies were found to be inadequate when tested by a real crisis.
The basis of each school’s plan will be an assigned crisis response team.  The team will be responsible for crisis planning and developing the crisis management plan.  The teams are required to meet at least once each semester to review readiness, update the plans, or conduct drills.
Random drills will be conducted at schools by the department of Risk Management and Security to evaluate the elements of the school’s plans, and to ensure that they meet the requirements of the PWC School Division.  The drills will include emergency evacuation, lockdown, tornado drill, and accounting of all students and staff.

Emergency Cards:
Each school office maintains an emergency card for every student. Parents should continuously update emergency information to ensure prompt information in the event of an emergency. Please be sure to inform the school office of any changes in address, telephone, or babysitting arrangements. It is necessary to have an emergency contact person listed on the card in case you cannot be reached.

Before an Emergency:
You can check with your children’s schools prior to an emergency to see what protective plans they have in place.  When one occurs, it is too late to find out!  Some of the plans are summarized below for your convenience; please keep in mind that they are subject to review and may change.

During an Emergency:

  • In an emergency, your children may be sheltered in place or evacuated from school.
  • If the emergency is at the school, do not call or go to the school, until advised to by local radio and/or TV stations. You could tie up a phone line or road that is needed for emergency purposes.
  • For information, listen to local Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) radio and TV stations to learn when and where you can pick up your children.


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