6th Sunday after Pentecost – 7/17/22

Call to WorshipL: What have you been seeking? All: The answers to life’s questionsL: What have you found? All: The Way, the Truth and the LifeL: What will you choose to do? All: Give up everything else for the treasure of heaven. Song – It is Well with My Soul – UMH 377 Horatio G. … [Read more…]

5th Sunday after Pentecost – 7/10/22

Call to WorshipL: The kingdom of God is here All: Found in the little thingsL: The kingdom of God is here All: Found in the surprising thingsL: The kingdom of God is here All: Found within us. Thanks be to God! Song – Blessed Assurance – UMH 369Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! O what a … [Read more…]

4th Sunday after Pentecost – 7/3/22

Welcome Call to WorshipL: Gather us in, Lord, and hear our prayers.All: We have come to this place in need for healing and hope.L: Gather us in, Lord, and heal our spirits.All: We come here seeking guidance and strength.L: Gather us in, Lord, and open our hearts to receive your word.All: Open our hearts, our … [Read more…]

3rd Sunday after Pentecost – 6/26/22

Welcome Call to WorshipL: God has abundantly cast God’s seeds of love and hope upon us.All: May we be fruitful soil for the planting and growing of hope and peace.L: Come, let us praise God who is so generous with us.All: Let us sing songs of joy to God.L: Hallelujah!All: Hallelujah! Song – In the … [Read more…]

2nd Sunday after Pentecost – 6/19/22

Welcome Call to WorshipL: As a shepherd seeks a lost sheepAll: So God seeks and saves the lost.L: Like a woman who searches for a lost coin until it is foundAll: So God rejoices over one soul restored to wholenessL: As a father receives a returning wayward sonAll: So God welcomes us, and lets the … [Read more…]

Trinity Sunday – 6/12/2022

Welcome Call to Worship: L: no one has ever seen GodAll: If we love one another, God lives in us and his love is perfected in us. Song – How Great Thou Art – UMH 77O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonderconsider all the worlds thy hands have made,I see the stars, I … [Read more…]

Cokesbury Digest

The Cokesbury Healthy Church Team met Monday evening, April 4th, to review the current plans for indoor worship services. In March we adjusted the indoor worship protocols to align with current recommendations and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Virginia Dept of Health (VDH) and we will continue with … [Read more…]

Pentecost – 6/5/2022

Welcome Call to Worship:L: Like a rushing windAll: Come, Holy Spirit, come.L: Like tongues of fireAll: Come, Holy Spirit, comeL: Like a gentle doveAll: Come, Holy Spirit, comeL: May our worship move us into a future beyond our human imaginations.All: Come Holy Spirit, come. We, your people, are open to the Spirit’s movement and power … [Read more…]

Ascension Sunday – 5/29/2022

Welcome Call to Worship:L: From different towns and cities,All: We gather to worship our CreatorL: From different streets and addressesAll: We gather to worship our RedeemerL: From different homes, and condos, and townhouses and apartments,All: We gather to worship our Sustainer. Let us worship as one body in Christ! Song – We Will Glorify the … [Read more…]

6th Sunday of Easter – 5/22/2022

Welcome Call to Worship:L: Apart from the world,All: This is a holy time and space.L: Be fully present,All: To sing, to praise, and to worship God!L: For all are welcome in this place.All: Let us worship the Risen Christ! Song – Because He Lives – UMH 364 Gloria and William J. Gaither CCLI# 16880God sent … [Read more…]