Mark 6 – 2/26/2023

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Call to Worship:
L: Praise to you, O God, you are the hope of all the earth. You visit the earth and greatly enrich it.
All: You provide the people with grain for so you have prepared it.
L: The pastures of the wilderness overflow, the hills bind themselves with joy, the valleys deck themselves with grain.
All: They shout and sing together for joy.

Song – Now Thank We All Our God – UMH 102
Now thank we all our God, with heart and hands and voices,
who wondrous things has done, in whom this world rejoices;
who from our mother’s arms has blessed us on our way
with countless gifts of love, and still is ours today.
O may this bounteous God through all our life be near us,
with ever-joyful hearts and blessed peace to cheer us;
and keep us still in grace, and guide us when perplexed;
and free us from all ills, in this world and the next.
All praise and thanks to God the Father now be given;
the Son, and him who reigns with them in highest heaven;
the one eternal God, whom earth and heaven adore;
for thus it was, is now, and shall be evermore.

(All) God of provision, you gave us life and you sustain us with your faithful presence. You feed and shelter us. You fill our thirsty souls with your grace. All good gifts come from you. Help us to acknowledge your goodness and provision in everything. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Scripture Reading – Mark 6:30-44
The apostles gathered around Jesus and told him all that they had done and taught. He said to them, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.    And they went away in the boat to a deserted place by themselves.    Now many saw them going and recognized them, and they hurried there on foot from all the towns and arrived ahead of them.    As he went ashore, he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion for them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd, and he began to teach them many things. When it grew late, his disciples came to him and said, “This is a deserted place, and the hour is now very late; send them away so that they may go into the surrounding country and villages and buy something for themselves to eat.”    But he answered them, “You give them something to eat.” They said to him, “Are we to go and buy two hundred denarii worth of bread and give it to them to eat?”    And he said to them, “How many loaves have you? Go and see.” When they had found out, they said, “Five, and two fish.” Then he ordered them to get all the people to sit down in groups on the green grass.    So they sat down in groups of hundreds and of fifties.    Taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven and blessed and broke the loaves and gave them to his disciples to set before the people, and he divided the two fish among them all. And all ate and were filled, and they took up twelve baskets full of broken pieces and of the fish.    Those who had eaten the loaves numbered five thousand men.
L: For the Word of God in scripture; for the Word of God within us and for the Word of God among us we say:
All: Thanks be to God.

Our Offering to God – Out of gratitude for all that you have provided for us, may we be truly thankful, not giving from a sense of scarcity but from a place of abundance. Amen

Anthem – Choir

Doxology – Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow – UMH 95
Offering Prayer: We present these gifts, O God, in the confidence that healing, hope and wholeness will flourish through them and because of them. Amen


Prayer of Confession:
Merciful God, open our eyes to see injustice in our world. Give us courage to resist the powers that oppress the poor. Open our ears to hear the cry of the needy. Teach us generosity for sharing the abundance of your creation. Open our minds to imagine an end to human strife. Grant us wisdom to pursue the ways of peace. Open our hearts to love our neighbors and our enemies near and far. Give us desire to embody the compassion of Christ. In the name of Christ, we pray. Amen

Sharing our joys and concerns

Pastoral Prayer


Song – Now Let Us from This Table Rise – UMH 634
Now let us from this table rise renewed in body, mind, and soul;
with Christ we die and live again, his selfless love has made us whole.
With minds alert, upheld by grace to spread the word in speech and deed,
we follow in the steps of Christ, at one with all in hope and need.
To fill each human house with love, it is the sacrament of care;
the work that Christ began to do we humbly pledge ourselves to share.
Then grant us courage, Father God, to choose again the pilgrim way,
and help us to accept with joy the challenge to tomorrow’ day.



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